August 15, 2016

August is “Write A #BookReview on Amazon Month”

A highly appreciated initiative comes from Rosie Amber, writer ,blogger, reviewer.
I reblogged her post:
                   Rosie Amber.wordpress

Readers reviewers

Readers from all over the world are being inspired to post reviews for books they’ve read on Amazon.
In a Bold attempt to increase reader awareness of the importance of book reviews to all authors, Terry Tyler is leading the campaign to get more people posting those all important reviews on Amazon.
Authors: #AugustReviews is about readers posting a review of a book to Amazon, we would also like to encourage them to share the Amazon Review Post Url on Twitter. An author can take part as a reader, but please don’t use this to promo your own books.
Book Bloggers: We really appreciate your support and know you are likely to already post reviews on Amazon, please keep the Hashtag for Twitter with a link to your Amazon review url only, not your blog post. We don’t want to put off readers who think they need to be a blogger to take part.
We are asking readers to Tweet the url of the book review using #AugustReviews and we will help share and mention you in the August Reviews Hall of Fame.

 Read the whole post here:
                       Rosie Amber 
and, please, follow the advice! I will!


  1. Replies
    1. My pleasure, Rosie!
      It's something authors should greatly appreciate.

  2. Yep, a great post. I've seen a lot of push for August book reviews. Hopefully, many readers will take to their keyboards and participate :)

  3. They say reviews are vital for authors. Sometimes I wonder though. . .

  4. Ye, I already posted one review and another will follow soon. Unfortunately the heat we had here made everything nonfunctional, especially my mind. I couldn't read as much as I wanted


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