August 7, 2016

“Hey, you!”

Reblogged from: Marcia Meara Writes

“Yeah, YOU!”
You’ll no doubt notice that I plugged my latest book, Harbinger, a couple of days ago, and again this morning. (Hope you’ll share the post on Twitter, Facebook, and in all your usual haunts!) Meanwhile, I just want to remind you that promoting our work is one of the main functions of this blog. In addition to our general networking, sharing resources, ideas, excerpts, tips, and anything else useful we run across, you guys can always promote your books here, especially if they are on sale, or you have a new release coming out. That’s a huge part of how we support each other, and make sure the world at large learns about our books.
Please make it a point to share posts here at any time, but especially when the post involves promos and other news you’d like to get “out there.” And PLEASE avail yourselves of this platform to help you reach new readers.
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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Carmen. I just hopped over and left Marcia a comment!

    1. Thank you, Mae! She's a nice lady. Grab a copy of Harbinger as it is free. It's a ghost story.


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