August 24, 2016

Book Review (LIII) Wake-Robin Ridge August Reviews

"A PHONE RINGING AT 2:00 A.M. never means anything good. Calls at 2:00 A.M. are bad news. Someone has died. Someone is hurt. Or someone needs help."

On a bitter cold January night in 1965, death came calling at an isolated little cabin on Wake-Robin Ridge. Now, nearly 50 years later, librarian Sarah Gray has quit her job and moved into the same cabin, hoping the peace and quiet of her woodland retreat will allow her to concentrate on writing her first novel. Instead she finds herself distracted by her only neighbor, the enigmatic and reclusive MacKenzie Cole, who lives on top of the mountain with his Irish wolfhound as his sole companion.

As their tentative friendship grows, Sarah learns the truth about the heartbreaking secret causing Mac to hide from the world. But before the two can sort out their feelings for each other, they find themselves plunged into a night of terror neither could have anticipated. Now they must unravel the horrifying events of a murder committed decades earlier. In doing so, they discover that the only thing stronger than a hatred that will not die is a heart willing to sacrifice everything for another.

My Review

There are so many things I loved about Wake-Robin Ridge. Once the plot gets rolling, it's a non-stop page turner all the way to the end. It’s the first book of Marcia Meara that I read, but absolutely, not the last.

The story has well developed, relatable characters. Let’s see who they are:

First, I must say that  Ruth’s heart-breaking story was my favorite part. Ruth who, “After a year of looking for love, or even the occasional tender word, any vague thoughts of a happy ending for herself had vanished, and a tired sense of resignation had settled over her,” makes the worst choice in her life – Loyd Carter.

Sarah Gray a thirty-five-year-old library cataloging and research assistant, fed up with her boring job, leaves her town and moves to a dream like cabin in Wake-Robin Ridge.  This is how the present day part of the story begins.

Lloyd Carter, a mean-eyed slab of a man with a well-earned reputation for violence and several run-ins with the law. If there was one thing Lloyd Carter loved in this life, it was his big, fire-engine red Impala

MacKenzie Cole, Tall, maybe 6’3”, with glossy black hair curling slightly over his ears. . . . he was strikingly good looking, with a sense of quiet strength about him. “Mysterious Mountain Man,” as Jenna called him.

Add to them Handsome the muddy, half-starved little mess, the kitten Sarah discovers the very first day she moves to the cabin, and Rosheen, Mac’s three-year-old Irish wolfhound. Even General Penny, Ruth’s dachshund who keeps her good company along her lonely years. Thus the distribution is complete.

The cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains is the channel connecting past and present;  Ruth with her pain, tragedy and love and compassionate Sarah with her dreams and newly found love.

There were chapters where I went back and read some paragraphs once again. It was like a kid with a candy. I savored every word, especially the vivid scenery description.

Will Sarah manage to find out what lies behind Mac’s odd change of behavior towards her? Will she discover who is Miz Winn and what does the ghost want? Read the book and you will be rewarded with a suspenseful romantic mystery.

Wake-Robin Ridge is a masterpiece of good storytelling with meticulous attention to detail, a well-plotted tale of romance and intrigue. Marcia’s writing and descriptions are brilliant and make you feel like you can actually picture  Wake-Robin Ridge and the characters in your head. You will feel as if you are watching a movie. This is definitely a "can’t put down" book.

Romance, suspense and some supernatural elements made it exactly this - a "couldn't put it down" book for me.


  1. Thank you so much, Carmen, for such a wonderful review! I'm SO happy you enjoyed Wake-Robin Ridge. As my first book, it was such a thrill to publish, and every new reader makes me dance a happy dance! :) I appreciate your sharing your thoughts with your followers, and I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the series, if you get a chance to read more. (And then, we have to send you to Florida to read about alligators, and Vikings, and serial killers, Oh My!) :)

    Sharing your post now! :)

    1. I completely understand you, Marcia. The same happened to me regarding Shadows of the Past, my first published book. And don't forget that for me things are more complicated as I'm not a native English speaker and all the process of getting published was more complicated.
      Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed Wake-Robin Ridge. I was eager to read it knowing it has a ghost. I love ghost stories, that's why I write them, too.
      I hope to be able to read more of your books.
      Best of luck with great sales and finding new fans!

  2. A wonderful review off Marcia's Wake Robin Ridge, Carmen. I've read this book and really enjoyed it, especially with the two plots weaving past and present. I just finished book 2 in the series, A Boy Named Rabbit and am getting ready to start on book 3, Harbinger. I love the characters and the setting!

  3. P.S....I forgot to say that I originally "found" this book when it was featured previously on your blog. Thanks for pointing me to a lovely author.

    1. Thank you for checking my post, Mae! Yes, I enjoyed it from the very first pages. And I'm delighted to hear you discovered it via my post! Sometime I think nobody reads what I'm writing. Luckily you and Flossie give a bit of your time visiting me. I greatly appreciate it!

  4. I love ghost stories too! Best of luck to Marcia. Thank you, Carmen. I love your blog. It's one of the highlights of my day. You feature such good authors and books, not to mention your own mesmerizing posts.

    1. Dear Flossie, thank you so much! Your words are dear to me. I learn much from your posts full of wisdom and exquisite snippets and guests.
      Marcia's story is a ghost story, though different from my types/reincarnation. Yet, a captivating book.


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