August 18, 2016

Book Review (LII) #AugustReviews

                        Beyond the Old Green Door

                            by Julie A. D'Arcy


 Beyond the Old Green Door is where Urban Fantasy, Steampunk Erotica meets re-incarnation with a twist of magic and those sexy little bits everyone loves.
Can the impossible really become possible? Or is it all just a whisper in the wind?
Sherry’s world falls to pieces when the honeymoon she had planned in Rio with her fiancé turns to a tragedy with his death in a plane crash. Can a twist of fate, a wrong turn and a touch of magic find the love and passion she thought she had lost in the arms of another? Or will her love once again be torn apart?
Can a wish really turn back time?

My Review

I read it all at once as I could not wait to see what happened next. At the heart of the engaging  story is good old fashion hope and romance with the book having a HEA.  Sherry, the main character lives an unique adventure that will mark her whole existence. I can’t tell more as I don’t like spoilers. True happiness is like a warm breeze that touches your life when you least expect it, a strange old man tells Sherry.
 Beyond the Old Green Door is a great story even if a bit too sensual  for my taste. Perhaps the author will enlarge it and make it a novel.


  1. Thank you for showcasing my book Carmen

    1. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to read it, Julie! Have you thought at making it a full length novel?

  2. A nice review, Carmen. Really love the title, too!

  3. I love this title and admire Julie D'Arcy in our writing field. She does a lot of work. Best of luck to Julie and thank you, Carmen.

    1. Thank you Flossie for checking the post! Yes, Julie has many books and I have in my TBR list one that is right mt alley, involving ghosts.


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