November 25, 2015

Wednesday Writing Wisdom (35) Barbara Cartland

"Good storytelling doesn’t always require bells and whistles. Develop a formula or idea that works and make the other elements variable, while you keep the central idea the same."

Mary Barbara Hamilton Cartland

(9 July 1901 - 21 May 2000)

Curious facts about:

Her schooling was followed by attending a girl’s college in Hampshire and after graduating from there, she became a society reporter and an author of romantic novels.

Cartland was labeled as the pink lady for her love of pink chiffon, clothing and jewelry.

Barbara Cartland didn’t slow down until her 90s, when she crossed 700 published books, and over 150 unpublished manuscripts. She wrote during times of conflict, through periods of severe criticism, through banning of her plays. She did not let the external world get in the way of her writing.

Barbara Cartland dictated her books for two or three hours a day, every day. That is one of the  secrets of prolific writing. Keep writing every day.  It only took two or three hours to dictate 10,000 words.


  1. What a great lady and fabulous writer. She believed in the power of love and had no fear in writing about it. I have a nonfiction picture book of hers about great love stories through the ages--lots of gorgeous and colorful pictures. Thanks for highlighting her.

    1. She is the author of "clean romance"and she had a kind of formula for her novels. Formula that proved successful. I'm sad to see that many people speak derisive about her books. I read several and liked them. Thank you for checking the post, Flossie!


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