December 21, 2015

Book Review (XLV) Food For Poe


                           Food For Poe


When a blizzard strands Quinn Easterly at a handsome stranger's house on Christmas Eve, she doesn't realize her newly adopted cat, Poe, is the catalyst responsible for bringing them together.

Breck Lansing gave up on relationships after his wife, unable to cope with their daughter’s illness, left him. But the pretty blonde he rescues from a snowstorm has him rethinking his stance—especially when Quinn’s arrival coincides with a dramatic change in Sophie’s health.

Unfortunately, that change also attracts something only whispered about in folklore. Together, Quinn and Breck must defeat a sinister creature intent on claiming the ultimate payment.

Warning: A clever black cat, Christmas magic and paranormal trouble.
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My Review

If you are looking for Christmas miracles and a book that will make you feel really happy and good, I'd highly recommend Food For Poe!
 Mae Clair's novella is the type of book that makes you say, "just one more page and then I will leave it aside." But the one page becomes another one and another, till you finish the story. Fabulous…Exactly what I like to read.
Main characters-

Quinn Easterly, the pretty blonde who adopts a cat on Christmas Eve in the middle of a snowstorm.

Breck Lansing who isn’t just good-looking, he's movie-star gorgeous. His crisply tailored clothing hinted at refinement.

 Sophie, Bret’s fourteen year old daughter, who is bed-ridden,

Joyce, Sophie’s mother, who deserted her when the daughter needed her more,

and, of course Poe, the cat who was no more than a pair of gold eyes peeking from the inside of his plastic carrier.

The author, Mae Clair, created another great read. A line that I thoroughly enjoyed and made me laugh is, “Remind me to buy that cat some caviar.”

While half way through the story, when I thought I knew where the plot was going, a sudden twist of the action made everything take an unexpected, suspenseful turn.

Of course I won’t tell you what happens. You’ll have to read the story and be as surprised as I was.

Food for Poe is a heartwarming tale where love, magic and paranormal mystery are perfectly blended. A beautifully written book, a perfect Christmas story for fans of romance
My rating 


  1. Thanks so much, Carmen. I'm so glad you enjoyed Poe. I really wanted to weave my love of romance, cats and magic into a Christmas-time tale. I'm delighted it worked! Thank you for the lovely review!

    1. You managed to do it in an awesome way. Thank you for the moments of delight Food of Poe offered to me!


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